!BAMM! 2014 features an all-star lineup of Bay Area artists

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For the final concert of its 30th anniversary season, Composers, Inc presents !BAMM! 2014, an evening of eclectic and exciting new music. This is the MUST-SEE event of the season! RSVP here

Featuring up-and-coming as well as established composers of the Bay Area, and new names as well as familiar ones among the performers–Sqwonk, Friction Quartet, Mobius Trio, The Living Earth Show, the Young Women’s Chorus, Meerenai Shim, and Mathew Joseph Payne–!BAMM! 2014 will give the world premiere of Nick Vasallo’s “Ozymandias” and performances of Dan Becker’s “Better Late,” Gabriela Lena Frank’s “Las Sombras de los Apus,” Frank La Rocca’s “Ave Maris Stella,” Brendon Randall-Myers’ “Making Good Choices,” Winton White’s “Erratic Tale,” and Matthew Payne’s “Flight of the Bleeper Bird.”

Get ready for a night of amplified Gameboy sounds, electric guitar wizardry, women’s choir, amplified string quartet, flute flurries, chanting cellos, battling bass clarinet duos, and groovy guitar trios!

Dan Becker Better Late | Sqwonk

Gabriela Lena Frank Las Sombras de los Apus | four celli

Brendon Randall-Myers – Making Good Choices | Mobius Trio

Matthew Joseph Payne – Flight of the Bleeper Bird | Meerenai Shim & Matthew Joseph Payne, flute and amplified Gameboy

Winton Yuichiro White Erratic Tale | Meerenai Shim, flute solo

Frank La Rocca – Composer- Ave Maris Stella | Young Women’s Chorus

Nick Vasallo – Ozymandias | Friction Quartet & The Living Earth Show [World Premiere]

Tickets can be purchased through our website or at the door 30 minutes before the performance. If you are a music teacher, send a list of your students to mail@ComposersInc.org and your students can attend with one guest for $5 each.

Venue: First Congregational Church – Berkeley
Date: Tue April 29, 2014 8:00pm
City: Berkeley
Email: mail@ComposersInc.org
Price Range: $15 to $20
Tickets: (415) 512-0641