Ryan Rey

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Ryan Rey is a composer, guitarist, and teacher from the San Francisco Bay Area. At the age of 5, his first instrument was a bright orange and neon green plastic toy guitar. The first recording setup he had was a Playschool cassette player and mic combo. Using this toy tape recorder, he captured the sound of his screaming voice and feedback noises. This was his first exploration into composition.

Nowadays, classical chamber music, electronic loops, heavy metal, and a mix of other genres influence Ryan’s music. He has written for chamber ensembles, symphonic band, orchestra, rock groups, videogames, ringtones, and film. His music has been heard in France, Mexico, South Korea, Vietnam, and throughout the United States. Ryan’s compositions have been performed by Rodrigo Cortes (baritone), CSUEB Chamber Singers, CSUEB Chamber Winds Ensemble, CSUEB Jazz Orchestra, CSUEB Orchestre dB New Music Ensemble, CSUEB Percussion Ensemble, CSUEB Symphonic Band, CSUEB Symphonic Orchestra, CSUEB Trombone Ensemble, Guy Livingston (piano), Stephan Poetzsch (violin), REDSHIFT Ensemble, and others. Feature film soundtracks include All About Dad (2009), Liquor Store Cactus (2009), and documentary Wallah’s Place (2013). Other film productions include work for CSUEB, Dirty Shoe Crew, Hemogoblin Teradactle, and Hewlett-Packard.

In 2009, Ryan was the inaugural recipient of the Glenn Glasow Fellowship in Music Composition which commissioned “Shaped By A Burr Grinder” for woodwind quintet. He has also been commissioned by the Guerrilla Composers Guild, Left Coast Chamber Ensemble Intersection Workshop, and REDSHIFT Ensemble. Ryan holds a B.A. in Music Composition and is currently completing an M.A. in Music Composition from CSU, East Bay (Hayward, CA) where he has studied with Rafael Hernandez, Jeffrey Miller, Marc Teicholz, and Nick Vasallo.

Ryan currently teaches Guitar, Electronic Music, Music Theory, and Recording Arts at Fusion Academy. He also plays guitar (sometimes trombone and backup vocals) in The Mineral Kingdom.

Official website: http://www.r2me2.com