Robert Greenberg


Composers Inc. President – Robert Greenberg has composed over forty-five works for a variety of instrumental and vocal ensembles. His works have been performed in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, England, Ireland, Italy, Greece and the Netherlands, where his Child’s Play for string quartet was performed at the Concertgebouw of Amsterdam. Mr. Greenberg holds degrees from Princeton University and the University of California at Berkeley, where he received a Ph.D. in music composition in 1984. His principal teachers were Edward Cone, Claudio Spies, Andrew Imbrie and Olly Wilson. Among his awards are three Nicola De Lorenzo Prizes, three Meet The Composer grants, and commissions from the Koussevitzky Foundation of the Library of Congress, the Alexander String Quartet, XTET, and the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players. Mr. Greenberg has performed, taught, and lectured extensively across North America and Europe. He is presently Music Historian-in-Residence with San Francisco Performances, and the resident music commentator for National Public Radio’s Weekend All Things Considered. He has recorded over four hundred lectures on various musical topics for the Virginia-based Teaching Company/Superstar Teachers Program. Available in audio and video formats, the lectures are widely circulated and have garnered praise. Robert Greenberg is an artistic director and board member of Composers, Inc. His music is published by Fallen Leaf Press and CPP/Belwin and is recorded on the Innova label.

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