List of Winners

2017-2018 Season Winner


Peter Knell

Intimate Voices for string quartet









Current 2016-2017 Season Winner

1 8x10

Alyssa Weinberg

Parallels for string quartet









Past Winners

1986  Martin Bresnick: String Quartet No. 2 (1st prize), Darrell Handel: Mooncycle (2nd prize)

1987 John Anthony Lennon: Ghostfires (1st prize), Margaret Brouwer: Timespan (2nd prize)

1988 David Lang: Illumination Rounds (1st prize), Reynold Weidenaar: The Thundering Scream of the Seraphim’s Delight (2nd prize)

1989 Martin Bresnick: Piano Trio, (no second prize)

1990 (co-winners) David MacBride: Three Dances for String Quartet, David Lang: Orpheus Over and Under

1991 James Mobberley: Soggiorno (1st prize), Cindy Cox: Four Studies of Light and Dark (2nd prize)

1992 Mark Kuss: Contraband (1st prize), Shirish Korde: Tenderness of Cranes (2nd prize)

1993 Arthur Levering: Roulade (1st prize), Ramon Zupko: Fluxus I (2nd prize)

1994 Roger Neill: String Quartet (1st prize), Jose Halac: Illegal Edge (2nd prize)

(1995 and beyond—two equal prizes)

1995 Jennifer Higdon: Voices for string quartet, David Kechley: In the Dragon’s Garden

1996 Robert Maggio: Two Quartets, William Popp: Toccata

1997 Jeffrey Hass: Keyed Up, Kevin Beavers: Sonata for Violin and Piano

1998 Marti Epstein: Swirl, Michael Timpson: Mirrors of the Psyche

1999 Donald Crockett: Scree, Pierre Jalbert: Piano Trio

2000 Lansing D. McLoskey: Wild Bells, Christopher Theofanidis: O Vis Aeternitatis

2001 Sean McClowry: Parting the Waters, Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez: Luciérnagas

2002 Burt Goldstein: Aspen Quartet, Craig Walsh: Schism

2003 Marjorie Merryman: Bending the Light, Andrew Waggoner: The Desires of Ghosts

2004 Stephen Andrew Taylor: Quark Shadows, Mischa Zupko: The Seven Deadly Sins

2005 Mason Bates: From Amber Frozen, Nathan Davis: Sea Songs

2006 Susan Burkey: Light That Fuse, Edward Cansino: Wo(men) In Love

2007 Ryan Carter: Grip, Michael Djupstrom: Walimai

2008 Sean Friar: Hell-bent, Clint Needham: Five Pieces

2009 Mikel Kuehn: Tag, Joseph Kolkovich: Seven Faces of the World

2010 Taylor Brook: Vocalise, Carl Schimmel: The Pismirist’s Congeries

2011 José Bevia: Three Enigmas, Sam Nichols: Refuge

2012 Ryan Chase: Gold Rush, David Biedenbender: you’ve been talking in your sleep

2013 Justin Dello Joio: Due per Due, Martin Kennedy: Trivial Pursuits

2014 Andrew Sigler: finding the air up there, Chris Arrell: Of Three Minds

2015 Viet Cuong: Wax and Wire, Chia-Yu Hsu: Urban Sketches

2016 Alyssa Weinberg: Parallels